About the Style Baby Team

Style Baby Inc. was born from a working mother that wanted her two kids to have access to different textures, styles, patterns, and types of clothing that would awaken their imaginations and bring out the uniqueness in each child. We work directly with clothing designers to create custom outfits each month that your child will love. We sprinkle in our boxes a small gift each month for your child and one for the mom. We want your children to look forward to their “Surprise” box each month when it arrives at your door. For the mom’s we wanted you to have access to unique pieces to build your child’s closet with items that they want to wear and make them feel comfortable and special. We don’t want you to have to shower specialty boutiques to find these items we want to bring them to you in an easy and accessible way for you. For the children we want to make sure their clothing helps them each feel special and unique. We believe in sensory clothing and that textures and patterns awaken each child’s imagination when they wear them.  

How this works….each month you can subscribe to receive your box or you can get a 3,6, 12 month subscription to guarantee access to the boxes. We only sell a limited number each month and when they are sold out we won’t be able to offer any more. We only offer pieces once and they are made once by our designers and manufacturers to all of the pieces you receive will be limited edition items for your child’s closet. We also offer add on accessories that you can purchase for your children to enhance their outfits. The accessories also will be limited edition styles that will only sold in our custom boxes.  

Style Baby Inc is a heart project for our family and comes from our heart to your families. It is a passion for us to be able to create these boxes for children all around the world. Designed with the good in life and positive influences to enhance love and feelings of personal empowerment for the kids that wear these clothes. We believe in making creative unique clothing that is accessible, fun, functional, and fashionable and doing that in and easy way that doesn’t require trips to stores and the mall. We want to bring out the true you in each child our boxes are delivered to.